Owls or Toadstools?

Eating the wrong kind of mushrooms? These little fellas were caught in the back garden. They were two shaggy inkcaps before being doctored by photoshop.

owls after doctoring using Photoshop

Shaggy ink caps before image manipulation.  The Coprinus (commonly known as Ink cap) has the principal characteristic that the gills deliquesce (turn to ink) at maturity. The spore colour varies from blackish brown to black. There are many species of Coprinus, but the only good edible one is C. comatus (the Shaggy Ink Cap) which must be eaten very young. C. atramentarius (the Common Ink Cap) and C. micaceus (the Glistening Ink Cap) may possibly also be eaten but provoke cardiovascular problems if alcohol is drunk with them or even if it is consumed up to several days later. Many of these species like well-fertilized ground and some grow directly on dung (which is the meaning of the Latin name Coprinus). On the other hand, as we can see by these examples, there are also some which grow on wood.  No we don't poo in the garden. Do't take my word for it.  Always check before eating wild mushrooms. Some are deadly poisonous!!!

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