"Douglas Baader"

Not as silly as it sounds and get your hankies ready. I have a friend whose parents live in Wokingham just off the Twyford Road. They have a smallholding with a few animals. Caring folks they are too. I was with them one year a lamb was born unto them and it was without front legs. Normally this little lass would have been eaten by the foxes or humanely culled by the farmer. No so here in this little kind place. My friend's father made her some front legs. Now I can't be sure they weren't beer cans but the image on that day will never leave me. Seeing this little lass hopping around with false legs moved me to tears and I thought what beautiful people there are on this planet to care so much about a little lamb. The little lamb grew up to be a big sheep and had lambs of here own - doubly moving. The day I first saw her will stay in my memory as long as I live. Saturday July 13, 1985. The same day I helped cut and bail hay on the farm and the same day as "Live Aid" was sent streaming into homes all over the world. Good was being done there on the stages of the world just as it was on this little farm. She was called "Douglas Baader" and she used to live in a little field not far from here Ashridge Wood

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