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ESD Static Dissipative Overshoes - protect your footwear or environment

Pallet Racking Upright Protectors - protect your storage investment

Magic Electric Cart - ergonocart - no effort whatsoever to move this with touch sensitive handles

Lift & Drive Flexi-Lift Ergonomic Work Positioner - Lifter stacker workpositioner

SMT / IC Reel Racks - store reels of IC componenets

Semiconductor Quartz Diffusion Tube Storage - store glass tubes

Workbenches - all welded steel benches

Rack Pallets - flexible storage solutions

Flexitrans Transit Containers - recyclable returnable packaging

Self Emptying Containers / Drop Bottom Skips - Burro & SuperBurro - auto dumping drop bottom waste containers

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Lift & Drive Lifters and Stackers and Workpositioners
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Old/Surplus/Redundant Stocklist
Storage Equipment - racking and shelving, bins and cartons, boxes and containers, mobile shelving, archive storage systems, etc
Handling Systems - lifters and stackers, lifting equipment, carrying equipment, moving equipment, industrial handling, materials handling, etc
Workbenches - esd - standard leg benches, cantilever benches, square frame benches, workstations, debug, analyser, anyalysis, bench, benches etc.
Partitions & Ceilings
Trucks & Trolleys
Steel Cages
Pallets & Stillages
Hazardous Goods Handling& Storage
Waste Handling Equipment

Storage equipment systems and solutions direct from the manufacturers. Storage equipment to suit your exact requirements.  Storage systems ready to be despatched from stock to anywhare in the UK.  Storage solutions off the shelf.  Shelving and racking direct from stock.  Lockers and cupboards direct from the manufacturer.  If you require something a little bit special please call our storage experts and ask the professionals.  We reasonably expect our service to be of the highest calibre should we fail to please then please send a letter of complaint or email to our customer care department explaining where we were unable to please.  Storage containers and boxes along with bins and trays are among our best sellers.  Browse our online catalogue and check out our full range. 

Hygienic wire racking and aluminium construction racking are good for laboratiories.  Stainless steel and coated wire racking is good for use in hospitals where cleanliness is a priority. 

MRSA, Norwalk and others.  Biocote and anti-bacterial paint finshes are available on many of our products.  MRSA is alive and well in some places and the use of anti-bacterial finishes might help in the fight against harmful bacterial organisms in medical environments.  Let's also think about the food industry, schools, colleges, swimming pools, healthclubs, other institution for a minute...They could also benefit from anti-bacterial coatings on their equipment.  Thousands of germs every day are transferred from person to person via doors, walls, cupboards, lockers, handles, etc.  Slap on an antibacterial finish and hey presto you can break the cycle.  Anti-bacterial finishes are a new thing.  They will take a little time to catch on but it might be the best thing in the future.  Keep us safe from germs and bacteria. If we had a product called SLOB then we could....Give germs the slip, forget about the slop and slap on the SLOB.  Crass, I know, but hey that's marketing....!

An interesting one...      Imagine ....a product which could deal effectively with drug resistant strains, continues to be effective for up to 7 days after application, is virtually harmless to humans and animals and is formulated from substances which have a very low environmental impact. Soething effective against a variety of bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses including MRSA, SARS, Norwalk, TB, Hepatitis, HIV-1, E. coli, Legionella and Listeria.  It seems there's light on the horizon?

Access equipment and access platforms steps and ladders available from stock and delivered anywhere in the UK.  Flame retardent cupboards, flammable goods and liquids containers and cupboards are strong and lockable guarding against theft. Flameproof storage equipment and hazardous goods storage equipment cupboards and lockers are finished in bright yellow and supplied with the latest safety markings and labelling.  Hazardous substances are safe in our steel protective cupboards.   A range of container trucks, plastic etc.  Bulk storage containers,  folding and food Storage boxes made of polyethylene and plastic for use in industrial and stacking situations. Laboratory use for small and hygienic applications or polypropylene for distribution purposes are available.   Security retention units which may be stackable or nestable and sealable are available in multi colour format.  Crates and acid containment cupboards and equipment for cylinders and gas storage requirements can be made as standard or bespoke.

Dollies, steel and plastic for drum handling can be delivered to you quickly from our warehouse. Attachments for fork lift trucks like drum lifting and turning should make handling safer and easier and quicker.  Electric powered platform trucks figure as part of our everyday quote routine.  Electronic manufacturing workbenches can be supplied all welded or knock-down construction for self assembly.  Ergonomic handling equipment is a small but essential part of our product range together with ergonomic lifting systems.  Essentially storage systems will consist of filing cabinets and steel locking cupboards.
Essential storage necessary to run your business can be easily obtained by calling us on our hotline number.  Flooring and wall finishes are available on short lead times.  Industrial manufacturers of frames, lightweight partitioning, for secure storage and demountability will protect your valuable parts from theft. 

Salt grit bins come in handy during the winter months when it freezes snows or when or icy roads hamper your drive home.  Hanging systems for clothing and shelving for boxed product can be effective in allowing orderly picking from your warehouse.  Hoppers and Industrial engineering services are presently offered at discounted rates but may not be available at all times. Industrial partitioning together with commercial and retail look partitions are available from our contracts department.   Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), Plastic, metal and steel framed. Rigid, Stainless Steel at special request.  Metal labels, numbered and bar coded labels sticky self adhesive or magnetic on yellow or white or coloured backgounds.

Ladder Accessories, Safety Cages either one man or two man with SWL.  Step ladders and aluminium, platform and industrial ladders for painting trade or for library or libraries can be delivered anywhere in the UK a small extra charge applies for remote areas.  Scissor lift tables and lifting platforms for light or heavy duty applications and rotating units for special applications might be necessary for efficient manugfacturing throughput.  Lifting and tilting or tipping equipment and reel and spool
lifting are available for the packaging and food processing industry. Specialist lifting equipment and vacuum lifts either hand or manually operated with mast
and lead screw actuated are electrically powered or battery powered.  Manual lifters are also made to order.

Litter bins and cigarrette ash recepticles keep the smoking shelters free of butts and discarded waste.  Live carton storage and gravity feed and gravity fed storage lanes can rotate stock on a first in first out FIFO system. LIFO is last in first out and doesn't rotate the stock very well.  Locker systems can be fitted with electronic arrays to allow all doors to opened at the same time or all locked at the same time or overridden by control instruction from the masterkey or master control panel.
Lockers, both industrial or for swimming pools, hospitals or commercial environments are supplied fully assemlbed or you may take them flat packed for self assembly. Louvre Panel Kits are flat packed for construction on site. Louvre Panels and white louvres for storing linbins and other plastic containers are pressed out of mild steel and powder coated for a robust finish.

Matting and mats can form a good dust trap.  Tacky mats pick up the dirt of the soles of your feet and prevent dirt and dust being transferred into clean areas. Mechanical handling equipment manufaturers R us. If you want meshm be it galvanised or metal self colour in containers specifically for industrial use then you have come to the right place. Mezzanine floors and platform floors are quick and easy to install, provide tremendous additional storage space and can save thousands of pounds over the year in space saving gains.

Office furniture and computer workstations are some of our less traded products however ask and ye shall be quoted.  Pallet Feet 5" are always in stock and you may uplift from our warehouse if you require quickly. Pallet handling systems, together with high speed stackers make pallet racking distributors or agents work for their margin. Pallet racking and high density mobile racking shoulkd utilise protection barriers to safeguard yoour investment. Pallet stackers and pallet trucks carry a 12 month warranty. Pallets and stillages also have a 12 month manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defect. Environmentally friendly we try to be and take care minimising our waste and actively seek to reduce our packaging requirements for the long term. 

Roll cages and roll containers are standard issue.  Plastic fabrications are a small part of our selection and are designed in house but the manufacturing subcontracted or outsourced. Waste bins can look good if the design and positioning is right.

Electric powered platform trucks for keg lifting in the brewing industry are cost effective solutions to tricky handling problems.  Racking equipment for beer kegs can be supplied alongside a handling solution.  Free standing racking systems mobile and static offer solutions to maximise storage space and effective goods management. Vertical racking and horizontal systems may offer a more suitable answer than traditional racks. Coil storage and drive in drum storage racking is cost effective in the right setting. 


Back to racking.  This time tyre storage and tyre racks.  Handling of tyres for tyre producers etc. We have many solutions from past experience.  Sack Barrows for moving around whees and product.

Bar storage, cable drum racks, sheet storage.  Refuse containers instead of black bags will save quite a bit over the years.  More hygenic than black bin bags and don't get eaten and ripped by vermin.

Fireproof safes, Personal effects safes, security safety mesh sdcreens, waste paper.  Shelving units
must be adjustable for flexibility.

Archive storage and automotive both bolted and boltless can be cantilever or chrome for documents even.  Heavy duty and high density or mobile should provide hygienic storage but plastic sShelving for industrial purposes might be best. If light duty is preferred then consider it.  If longspan shelving is preferred then use it.  Medium duty should not be forgotten.  And if space permits use mobile shelving in the office or warehouse.

Signs that your floor graphics and markings may not be adequate might be that your operators continually fail to deliver expected performance. Magnetic signs and self adhesive signs and labels help identification purposes and initiative in tracking down the right tool for the right job.
Skips will be used wherever necessary and automatic self emptying containers may be the preferred option. Self tipping should be considered if the waste matter contains liquids.

Stacker trucks will assist with offloading heavy loads safely.  Steel fabrications may be fitted to the forks to allow special loads to be lifted. Steps should bear kit marks and be manufactured to BS standard. Mobile warehouse steps should be inspected at regular intervals to check worthiness.  Steel stillages and storage bin s and trolleys should have castors inspected frequently.  If the trolleys are showing signs of wear beyond that which is reasoably expected then a repair or replacement should be considered.

Storage bins for laboratories and storage cabinets for pharmacies complete with securitylocking and heavy duty hinges are a worthwhile investment to prevent theft of high value or dangerous goods or substances.

Storage platforms are raised floors to allow additional storage space if there is sufficient headroom.  Why move if you can go up? Storage racks may be used and infil floors placed between the racks to allow passage between the racks at tha upper floor level.  Storage solutions ese provide storage trolleys and laboratory storage. Oftern office eastern storage equipment or northern storage will be better off with automatic closure and prison service requirements.

Suction lifters can be used where there is limited floorspace or where there is a requirement to lift from the top or where conventional lifting may not be possible.

Chemical storage tanks IBC's and other recepticles are available from our sales department.

Tool boxes and toolboxes are available in plastic or steel for safe and secure tool storage.

Some CNC tool holders and tool storage cabinets come with 5 year guarantee.  Transit containers are made to order. Gas bottle trolleys by special request. Trolleys  for mailroom and office can be tiered or flat or bespoke design.  Plastic mailroom trolleys offer light and easy manoeuvrability.  Lifting solutions for mailrooms also available. Truck and trolley manufrs tell us what you want. Gas Bottles and cylinders are difficult the move...have a truck.  Hand operated trucks/trolleys for all occasions.  Lift and Shift Light Motors at night so you don't get seen by yer dad. Waste containers automatic, Self dumping waste containers, wheeled, domestic, plastic containers, Disposal Containers for waste handling equipment. Systems and welding fabrication. 

Work Bench Accessories and manufacturer
Work Benches, Bespoke

Work Platforms
Workshop Bench Systems



Les systèmes et les solutions d'équipement de stockage dirigent des fabricants. Stockage équipement pour satisfaire à vos exigences exactes. Systèmes de stockage prêts à être expédié des actions à l'anywhare au R-U. Solutions de stockage outre de étagère. Rayonnage et défilement ligne par ligne directement des actions. Casiers et compartiments dirigez du fabricant. Si vous avez besoin de quelque chose un peu spéciale veuillez appeler nos experts en matière de stockage et demandez aux professionnels. Nous prévoyons raisonnablement notre service à être du calibre le plus élevé nous ne satisfaisons pas alors satisfaisons envoyons a lettre de plainte ou d'email à notre département de soin de client expliquant où nous étions incapable à svp. Les récipients d'entreposage et les boîtes avec des casiers et des plateaux sont parmi nos best-sellers. Passez en revue notre catalogue en ligne et vérifiez notre plein gamme.